5 Steps to a powerful Q2










It’s hard to believe, but Q2 is here! I’ve learned that beginnings and endings have amazing power. Are you ready to make Q2 a powerfully and purposeful 12 weeks? I’m 100% convinced that you can achieve more in 12 weeks than most people do in their entire year!

Here are 5 steps to help you get on track in Q2!

#1 Look back – What did you learn?
Here’s an easy way to do this: write down three things that went well over the last three months, then write down three things that didn’t. This requires you to be honest with yourself. As difficult as this can be, leaders, position themselves as self-learners.

#2 Formalize it – What is your plan?
Typically we recommend that you take 3 days to plan your year, 1 day to prepare your quarter and a few hours to schedule your month.

#3 Invite accountability – Who will know?
Who have you asked for accountability from?
Accountability works well and is incredibly powerful when we invite it into our life. Who knows your plan? Who can talk to you honestly about how you’re doing with it? When you show your plan to others, it gives it power and helps you when interruptions come along the way.

#4 Build your team – Who do you depend upon for your success?
We like the idea that we are lone rangers, that created and achieved our own success, but that is never the case. We all depend upon a whole team of people along the way. Who are those people in your life? Can you come up with 15, 20, maybe 25 people? When you see this, it brings you to a place of gratitude and humility. This quarter, what can you do to acknowledge them, encourage them, and help them grow in their success?

#5 Celebrate wins – What metrics will you celebrate over the next 12 weeks?

We love achievements. We love when a sale happens or a project is completed. However, these are typically sometimes few and far between — and often we don’t have full control over these outcomes. What we do have control over is the activity that we put forth every day. Create wins based on this activity and celebrate often.