The Tappe Group works with companies in over 40 different industries, helping transform their cultures by challenging their thinking.

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The Tappe Group offers customized training solutions to take your company to the next level.

How is our approach different? We use a distinct concept called “philosophical fitness”. Before a company can see performance improvements in any given area, their people must adjust their thinking. They must become “philosophically fit” as individuals before they can become successful contributing members of an organization.

Companies large and small look to us for training in the following:
Team Building

Team represents the reality of how we relate as human beings.

We need one another. We are mutually dependent upon one another. With this new perspective, the concept of synergy can be put into motion.

Philosophy: We believe that team is our life reality. 

Perspective: Because of this belief, we see people as being essential to our lives.

Performance: As a result, we join hands and work more effectively in relationships.

When working with teams, The Tappe Group focuses on practical, effective ways to maximize performance. We often times use the following equations to help teams identify and resolve challenges that hindered both performance and morale:

Potential + Personal Conviction – Unnecessary Interferences = Purposed Performance

Engaging Conflict

Conflict is something we each experience every day;

yet it is the one thing most people would want to avoid if they could.
Each day conflict brings us opportunity to learn and grow. That, in turn, leads to a more creative life.

Philosophy: We believe that conflict is an essential force in creating life value.

Perspective: Because of this belief, life challenges can be seen through eyes of hope.

Performance: As a result, we live more positive and creative lives.

In order for organizations to take performance to the next level, they must engage conflict. The Tappe Group helps organizations understand the opportunity that conflict provides and trains them on how to engage conflict affectively. We help to increase awareness of the various “entry points” of conflict in order to better equip people with an effective response. Embracing conflict for its energy and understanding its entry points prepares organizations for effective and productive conflict engagement.

Cultural Development

Cultural transformation is a culmination of all that we do.

It encompasses all of the other topics listed. Culture is the “how” in business. The important question to ask when identifying and establishing a culture is not “What do we do?” but “How do we do it?” Because a healthy culture is vital to the success of any group, creation and development must be taken seriously. Without a clear understanding of purpose, mission, and vision, along with core values, the “what” in business won’t be sustainable.

Philosophy: We believe that our “how” is just as important as our “what”.

Perspective: Because of this belief, we see a healthy culture as a necessity.

Performance: As a result, we continually clarify and communicate corporate expectations and values internally.

The Tappe Group works with new organizations to establish and develop a strong culture that people want to be a part of and thrive in. We also help existing organizations repair damaged cultures, building on cultural strengths and removing cultural hindrances.

Since an organization is made up of people, its culture should be reflective of its people. The purpose, mission, and vision of a company should be consistent with those of the people. If not, the “culture” will be no more than a well-constructed mission statement displayed on a wall. Therefore, we work with organizations to ensure the culture being built is one that will be owned and lived by the people involved.

Handling Difficult People and Circumstances

One constant in each of our lives is the presence of people- they are all around us.

We need them. We are them, and we can’t escape. Yet in order to live with any sense of purpose, we must see people as a life asset.

Philosophy: We believe in the power of people.

Perspective: Because of this belief, we recognize the greater potential in people.

Performance: As a result, we begin to enjoy more meaningful and purposed relationships with the people in our world.

In order to handle difficult people, The Tappe Group helps you grow in your appreciation of their presence in your world. You need people, believe it or not, and every person comes with his/her own set of challenges that must be acknowledged. With that in mind, understand that your role in handling difficult people is helping them choose what is best for them. Ultimately, if they choose to let their circumstances victimize them, they choose to leave a purposed culture. We help equip you with the leadership and communication skills to purposely manage their impact on your organization.


Selling is the art of influencing the thinking of people by helping them clarify their choices.

So, with that as our personal philosophy, we have purpose every day. We see life through eyes with a responsibility for influencing the thinking of those around us.

Philosophy: We believe that each day we are representing who we are and what we believe.

Perspective: Because of this belief, we see each day as being a purposed experience to help people make the choices they need to make.

Performance: As a result, we anticipate and prepare more effectively for the life performance we will give.

Selling is considered a profession that most people would rather not be associated with. It is often linked to images of deceptive and sleezy used car salesmen. This, however, is a misconception that people must get past in order to succeed in business. We are all sales people to some degree. We are influencing people everyday. The key is to make that influence positive and purposed. The Tappe Group helps individuals and organizations embrace a new definition of selling and master techniques and scripts to help their customers make the best possible choice for themselves, which in turn makes an incredible bottom line impact.

Leadership & Management

Leadership is influence. Therefore, everyone is a leader to some degree.

Knowing that, we recognize our individual responsibility to purposefully lead the people in our world. As Purposed Performers, we take our role of leader very seriously.
 Philosophy: We believe that we everyone leads everyday.

Perspective: Because of this belief, we have a new sense of responsibility and awareness.

Performance: As a result, we work daily to ensure that the influence that we have on our world is purposed and positive.

Leadership comes in three different forms: providential, positional, and purposed. Providentially, we all have been given the ability to influence others. Professionally, certain individuals are granted positions of leadership based on experience, skill level, etc. Purposed leadership, however, is a type of leadership that very few people possess. It means utilizing your influence each day both with purpose and on purpose. The Tappe Group helps management teams turn their positional leadership into purposed positional leadership. We help employees understand their true role as employee leaders within the organization. We help entire organizations embrace the thought that everyone on their team is a leader, and must be treated and respected as such.

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