"Coaching is for everyone who, no matter their current level, wants to get from where they are to where they want to be." - Greg


Any training process has limited results long term for any organization. While training may create foundational processes for your group, it is not a stand alone answer. Coaching provides the follow-up accountability and supports that individuals and companies rely on to continually grow and develop. While thinking and attitudes can be reframed and adjusted during a training session, ongoing support is typically needed to apply those changes practically and consistently.

The Tappe Group designs a customized program for each client that helps you achieve continued success through a disciplined and purposed approach. For many, coaching provides the additional encouragement and accountability necessary to take their performance to the next level. For actual change in your organization, the combination of training and mentoring serves most useful for real cultural transformation. Many individuals invest in coaching for themselves to become more effective leaders. Many corporations invest in coaching for their people because of the dramatic impact that it can have on the bottom line.

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