Even more often, an owner or executive might think they know the cause, when in reality, they are aware of mere symptoms.  The underlying cause may be greater and more severe than any one individual realizes.  On the other hand, the challenge may be far simpler or isolated than they assume.  The key is to not assume, but to assess.


The Tappe Group’s entertaining style allows us to produce the type of training that meets your time constraints. The training is positive, interactive, and challenging. Each engagement is customized to ensure relevance.


Training alone will have limited results in any change process.  While foundational, it is not a stand alone answer.  Coaching provides the follow up accountability and support that individuals and companies need to continually grow and develop.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote speaking is meant to be inspirational, persuasive and an impactful opportunity for change within a group or culture. Our role is to help alter the minds of the organization and show them something they hadn't seen, understood or believed before.

Corporate Partnership

Purposed Performance is not intended to be a quick fix to a problem.  In most cases, the organizations we work with aren’t broken at all.  They simply want to take their business to the proverbial next level.  At The Tappe Group, we help leaders understand that often times the “next level” needs to be a level deeper before they can go a level higher.