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How often do those who represent themselves as professionals in your world underwhelm you?  It really is trick or treat isn’t it?  Here are a few thoughts for those of us who wear that “professional” tag:


Be on time!  With whatever service or product you represent, be on time with the delivery.  Show up on time if that applies to your work.  It is a matter of personal integrity.  If it is the delivery of a product, make sure you don’t promise something you can’t deliver.


Be better than they expect!  Send them away wowed by what they receive.  Give them reason to tell everyone they meet about what you brought their way.  Earn their praise!


Be memorable!  Bring all of your preparation and all of your power to the moment.  Give them every reason to cause them to call for an encore.  Literally, give them reason to call for more. 


Make it a treat, not a trick, for the people in your world!

What do you intend to create today?   Every day you have a life canvas upon which you can create a work of art.  That art should be reflective of you and your purpose for living this life. Think these thoughts with me …

You are making history today!  What you choose to create today through your life has never been seen.  You get to set something brand new into motion.  You are writing new history!

–  You are meeting new people today!  Even if you are with people you love and have known all of your life, they are new to you today.  You will be meeting them in the midst of thoughts they have never thought.  You are looking at a new person today through a new lens!

 You are seeing new opportunity today!  Every day presents a new story filled with new conflict that will serve as the raw material for new opportunity in your life.  No matter what, you have new opportunity waiting for you today.  It is yours to discover!

_   You have new reason to be thankful!  If you are above ground and breathing, you have reason to give thanks.  Through creative eyes looking at new life on a new day, you always have reason to celebrate!

Live a Purposed day, today!

How does a Purposed Performance look?  I believe it’s impressive.  Impressive, however, is something that is found outside of the ordinary.  It is not necessarily the way everyone else is doing it.  It is an exceptional expression of life.  Purposed Performers are uniquely aware of others and what they need.  Here are several examples of choosing to live exceptionally as a Purposed Performer.

Ask more than you talk … Determine to put others in the spotlight.  Focus on learning all that you can from the people you engage each day. Show them that you really are there and that you really do care.  Listen actively!

Be a resource for others … Living exceptionally means being more than acquainted with life and its challenges.  Most of us depend upon our environment and experience to be our only teacher.  We are victimized by the limitations of our own environment and limited, at best, in helping others.  The best way I have found to expand my potential, as a resource for others, is to become a student of the stories and thoughts of others.  Expand your environment through the life stories others are living.

Appear Impressive … The way you present yourself makes an impression both on you and on the people you encounter in life.  Think about the statement you intend to make each day.  Check yourself out before you live it.  Look in the mirror.  How do you look?  Ready?  Purposed?  Impressive?  Avoid looking like how you feel.  While it might well represent you at times, most often your nonverbal communication will not represent the impressive statement you intended to make.  Look impressive. Live impressively!

Live with Conviction … Motivation in life is driven from the inside, out.  It is about your reason why.  Representing what you believe in life does not mean standing in judgment of the conviction of others.  It simply means having a reason to live.  Live with passion while living with empathy.  Impress people with the hope you represent!

Here is an important thought for anyone who intends to produce a consistently valuable performance in life:

While you cannot control your results, you can always control the action you take toward those results! 

 You can control both the quality and the amount of action you take.  So, the real question is, “What are you doing to produce the results you intend to produce?’

Here is a plan I want to encourage you to consider:

Purpose … Prepare … Practice … Perform

  1. Purpose: Professionals know why and what they are doing.  They are students of their trade.  They are voracious in their search for life’s answers, particularly as they related to the performance they intend to give.  They humble themselves, and they seek help from those who know more than they do.
  2. Prepare: You have no time to waste.  You can’t afford to invest yourself and your time in action that is not only a waste of time but that can also be counter productive.  Make sure you have the tools you need and prioritize your activity.  Once again, ask for help from those who have already proven themselves in your world.
  3. Practice: Your performance will only be as good as your practice.  Practice does not make perfect but better practice does make better performance.  The distinction between pros and amateurs will always be in the amount they practice.  Get a coach who can stretch you and keep you on point.
  4. Perform: Now you are ready!  Go out there with the passion you have in your Purpose!  Make it your motivation!  Believe in the preparation you have made! Trust your investment!  Present yourself with a spirit of preparedness!

Believe it!  Create it!  Rehearse it!  Do it!

I am dead serious.  What … are you … thinking?  I want you to follow my thoughts here for a few minutes.  Your mind needs nourishment.  It is a matter of “philosophical fitness” in your life.  Renewal of mind.  Getting in shape for the transformational reality of life.  Think on these things:


What?  What kind of diet is your mind on, really?  Are you feasting on a mental diet of sugar and carbohydrates?  Mind candy?  Or, are you, on purpose, creating a balanced diet of thought that includes, reading, listening, and watching things that will challenge you mentally and serve to keep you fit for the challenge of living a transformational life.


Are you?  The truth is “you have not been taught how to think”!  You have been raised in an educational system that has been required to teach you how to fill in the blanks.  Thinking is not something most of us are prepared to do.  What is you personal philosophy for living and working?  Can you put it into a phrase of just a few words?  Do you have a personal mantra for living?  Active thinking is essential to any success you might hope to achieve in this life.


Thinking?  It is an exercise that combines the coordinated efforts of your eyes, your mind, your touch and your ears.  How prepared are you to process life and use the outcome to guide you into your next opportunity?  Thinking is the energy essential to learning and learning is your only hope in this life


Getting fit philosophically is your greatest challenge in this 21st century!  Just think about how most people deal with change.  How about you?  Are you purposed and prepared for living today?  Are you preparing yourself for the next chapter in your life?  Think about it … really!!

Relationships in life and in work are built upon the foundation of trust. It is not something you can demand nor is it something that will come to you as a gift. It has to be built, and it all begins with your relationship with you. Think about these three keys for building a trust relationship with you:

– Be honest … Don’t tell yourself things you know are not true. Trying to please someone else, or impress yourself, or another person, too often will lead you into a discussion with yourself that results in dishonesty. Which creates the next thought.

– Live with integrity … Doing the things you say you will do does not quite catch the completeness of integrity. It is more a matter of being who you say you will be. Watching yourself not do the things you say you will do will not only damage your relationship with others. It will damage your relationship with you.

– Trust is built … Integrity is the vehicle upon which integrity is carried and trust is experienced. Make yourself trustworthy. Well represent yourself. Live impressively. Trust will be the result.

Living life on purpose will build a life both you and others will trust!

You have probably noticed you have a lot of people in your world. And, with all of those people, you have roles and responsibilities to go along with them. Take a few moments to write down the names of those people who are most consistently present in your life.


Now that you have a little more clarity, who chooses how your life is going to go? How is all going to fit together? It is your life. You are writing your story. So, who is going to be holding the pen? I think it is more important than you may know.


To begin with, you are purposed in this life. You have been placed here for a reason. Every day you have a distinctive part to play. With that in mind, no one qualifies to create your life but you. I personally believe the only one who qualifies but you is the God who created you. Begin with Him. Listen. Stay aware of His lead.


The alternative is to play the victim. Let someone else choose and you will always have someone to blame. Unfortunately, victim’s aren’t highly valued in this life. They are pitied. They are looked upon as the unfortunate. Who wants to live that way, on purpose?


The reality is yours. You choose how your story will be written. God has great intentions for what He has created. Others don’t qualify. They aren’t responsible for your choices. You are. Celebrate it. Do well, my friends.

How consciously do you prepare for living each day? How prepared are you for dealing with things in life that typically provoke anger in you? How about the people and situations that frustrate and create stress in you? Stress and anger are created from the inside, out. What you think about any given thing will define how you manage it. Will you react or respond? Will emotion or reason play the biggest part in those times? Those questions will be answered by what is going on in your heart and in your mind.


The ancient Greeks thought of the mind as the seat of both your intellect and your emotion. It really is the working relationship between these two forces that create peace or stress. Most of what creates anger and stress in your life flows from what you fear. Fear is the culprit most of the time. Fear, however, is defined by you. Your thoughts establish your context. The key is to anticipate and prepare for the life contexts you most often experience. Staying philosophically fit is your challenge.


Reading is nourishment for your mind. What you listen to and what you watch creates so much of what goes on in your mind.


What do you think about rejection for example? If your thoughts define rejection as being failure, you will probably avoid anything where rejection is possible. What if, however, you see rejection as opportunity to create possibility? What if you regard it as a qualifying moment? No failure just opportunity. What you think makes all of the difference in the world.


My encouragement for you is to prepare for the life you are about to live. What are your narratives? Are you afraid? Are you discouraged? Are you stressed? Get behind what you feel and find the thoughts that are defeating you. Rethink life. Read, listen, and be exposed to things that support and encourage you. What are you thinking? You choose. Do well, my friends!


Success is clearly a personal concept. Its definition is as diverse as the human population. There is, however, one dynamic found in any definition of success you might encounter: the recognition and conveyance of value. Someone creates and communicates value in which someone else is willing to invest. When a person represents value and that value is recognized and respected through the invested response of others, success is achieved and experienced.

So, success is achieved anywhere value is represented and received. As a result, success is a prize experienced both in the personal dimension of our lives as well as in the professional. Forty-two years ago, Barbara invested her life in me in becoming my wife. She saw something in me worthy of her investment. I believe her investment in me as being the greatest success of my life.

I have friends who have invested in me as well. Likewise, I have invested in them. As human beings we represent value. How that value is perceived by others is another matter altogether. People regard what you represent and they choose. Now, before you get worked up over the judgement word, you have to know that everyone experiences and renders value judgement, including you. Standing in judgement of another from a prejudicial vantage point is never wise, nor is it the point here.

Here is the point. People will embrace others as more than a life acquaintance if and when they perceive their value to be worth more of their time, emotion, and risk. As a result, over time, people invest themselves in the friendship of others. Over time, people will be worthy of the invested relationship of employment. People will be perceived as representing the value of higher levels of trust and so they are promoted into more significant roles of influence . People invest their vote in people who they judge to be worthy of that affirmation and so they cast their vote. I hope you get the point.

The challenge we face daily is effectively representing our created value. My encouragement to you is to always begin with God. Place Him at the center of your world. Then, because of His love for you, invest yourself in others. Your valuing of others will actually make you valuable to them. It is not manipulation. It is serving meaningfully and personally. Contentment in life will be learned through investing in others and in making yourself a value in whom they choose to invest. Think about it. Do well, my friends.

Half of this year is almost gone. It is hard to believe. But, I said the same thing last year at this time and the year before. As “halftime” approaches, it is time to think about things you have done well in the first half and things you need to adjust or change altogether for the second. It is important to begin with intention. It is equally important, however, to “begin again” with integrity. What is there in your life you intended when you began this year and yet you realize now you simply are not getting done? It may be time to begin again. It is ok. It is really more than ok. Don’t give up on your process.

The first thing to ask yourself is, “Was it important when I intended it?”. It is typically when you begin that you have the greatest clarity. You knew what you needed to do and how you needed to do it for the most part. Some adjustment may be required along the way. It is part of the process of living and learning. Where you will get lost is in the why. Over time, sure, you might need to adjust the how some. You may even need to reconsider the what. Most often, however, the real culprit is in the diminishing vision and connection you have of , and to, your reason why. It must stay strong and clear in order for you to stay consistent.

Staying clear about why is important because of the alternative you will face. To the degree you lose sight of your reason why, to that degree you will invite a level of disappointment and depression into your life. Your self talk will begin to become filled with negative self analysis. You will begin to hammer yourself about what you are not doing. You are a loser. You always give up. You are weak. It is just like you . Do any of these statements sound familiar?

Accountability is about maintaining clarity. It is about staying reminded of your what and your why. It is maintaining the integrity of your life intentions. Remember, “Intention without execution creates depression”. It is true. And, you can do something about it. Choose to begin again. It is a power you have as a human being. Choose to exercise it now before things go any farther. I know where I need to begin, again and I know why. Do you? Do well, my friends.