Tappe Talk #7 – Morning’s Gift

Every morning brings with it a greeting for a new day.  The gift comes with the light of God’s smile.  As the sun breaks, it signals the blessing and opportunity for a new day of life.  Here are four purposed thoughts for response to the gift you receive every morning.


Live!  Open your eyes and give thanks.  Pray for wisdom as you arise from your bed and take your first steps.  Smile at the thought that you have another day of opportunity.  Open the package and celebrate your gift!  Choose to live the embrace and engage the gift you have been given!


Love!  Your purpose each day is to find a creative way to love your world.  It is a creation uniquely yours because you are the only one who occupies the place in life you occupy and writing the story you are writing.  Choose to love the people in your world!


Learn!  The gift of every day is the opportunity to experience another day and learn new things.  You can learn it from asking and listening.  Your can learn from watching little children.  You can learn from reading the thoughts of others.  Choose to nourish your mind and learn!


Lead!  Each day of life you receive will influence the lives of others.  You are a leader.  It is your reality.  How you lead is a choice you make.  Purpose to lead in a way that makes the world around you better.  Make a positive difference.  Choose to lead with powerful intention!


Live … Love … Learn … Lead