Tappe Talk #6 – Trick Or Treat?

How often do those who represent themselves as professionals in your world underwhelm you?  It really is trick or treat isn’t it?  Here are a few thoughts for those of us who wear that “professional” tag:


Be on time!  With whatever service or product you represent, be on time with the delivery.  Show up on time if that applies to your work.  It is a matter of personal integrity.  If it is the delivery of a product, make sure you don’t promise something you can’t deliver.


Be better than they expect!  Send them away wowed by what they receive.  Give them reason to tell everyone they meet about what you brought their way.  Earn their praise!


Be memorable!  Bring all of your preparation and all of your power to the moment.  Give them every reason to cause them to call for an encore.  Literally, give them reason to call for more. 


Make it a treat, not a trick, for the people in your world!