Tappe Talk #5 – Purposed Creation!

What do you intend to create today?   Every day you have a life canvas upon which you can create a work of art.  That art should be reflective of you and your purpose for living this life. Think these thoughts with me …

You are making history today!  What you choose to create today through your life has never been seen.  You get to set something brand new into motion.  You are writing new history!

–  You are meeting new people today!  Even if you are with people you love and have known all of your life, they are new to you today.  You will be meeting them in the midst of thoughts they have never thought.  You are looking at a new person today through a new lens!

 You are seeing new opportunity today!  Every day presents a new story filled with new conflict that will serve as the raw material for new opportunity in your life.  No matter what, you have new opportunity waiting for you today.  It is yours to discover!

_   You have new reason to be thankful!  If you are above ground and breathing, you have reason to give thanks.  Through creative eyes looking at new life on a new day, you always have reason to celebrate!

Live a Purposed day, today!